Ramona by tghr02
"That's.... my brother...."
Wordplay name RMM
Aliases Ray
Age 21
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth March 29th
Occupation Traveler
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Ramona (ラモナ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a Loner (一匹狼 Ippikiohkami), and Traveler (旅行家 Ryokouka), of The Tour Bus Gang.


Ramona comes from a long family of emo keroians.


Ramona was force to be emo at birth. she likes visiting other planets.


She has hair that looks like red hat flaps, bangs, and her hair up in spikes. she has a scar from fight with Emomo. she has bandages on wrists from cutting her self. emblem is a sad face. face and her stomach marks are blue. she is a adult keron with black lip stick, and the rest of her body is black.


When she was two, she meat Rocky'n'Roller. They became bitter enemies for an unknown reason. She was forced to take care of her little brother, Emomo, when he was born due to her mother's death and father's kidnapping. After her grandmother took her and Emomo in, she developed a crush on Rocky'n'Roller. When Ramona hit her adult stage, she went to Rockey's tour bus for a night and became pregnant. She later had Maroon. She refused to let Rockey take care of the child until her grandmother passed and she had to move into Rockey's tour bus with him and Emomo. Since then, she travels the galaxy with her family.



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