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The cover of "Princess and the Keronian" is also a picture of Rebecca.

Rebecca Maxwell is one of the main characters from my Sgt Frog (Keroro Gunsou) fanfiction, Princess and the Keronian. You can read it on Wattpad.

Rebecca Maxwell is a pekoponian (human) with a knack for... well, everything. She's a genius, a dancer, a writer, a singer, a secret government spy, a whole bunch of other things I'm too lazy to mention, and she has special powers. Cheesy, sure, but meh, what the heck. She's a technopath and a telepath, and later on in the book, she becomes a shape-shifter. In the fanfiction, Dororo and Kululu (Kururu) are constantly fighting over her. I chose Kululu simply because I thought it would be unexpected and new. I chose Dororo because he's my favorite character from the anime series. She is a senior agent (even though she's only 15) in a government organization by the name of "Higher Flight." She is a pacifist and an ecologist. She has a twin sister, Sophie Maxwell, who is pretty much the opposite of her, even though they look very similar. One of her closest friends is Julia Connor, who is more like Sophie when it comes to personality. Other friends include Natsumi Hinata, Fuyuki Hinata, Koyuki Azumaya, and Momoka Nishizawa, although she doesn't get along as well with Fuyuki, because at the beginning of the book, she helped Sophie and Julia arrest the Keroro Platoon (It is referred to in the book as the "ARMPIT Platoon" because I watch the English Dub). He didn't like that very much. ^^' She goes by Becky. Only Julia is allowed to call her Bex.


HUMAN FORM: Long, wavy, caramel-brown hair, pale skin, purple eyes.

KERONIAN FORM: Mostly yellow-green, rose-pink belly with golden gear symbol, rose-pink horned Keronian hat with same gold gear, tadpole tail, big round eyes (Still purple).


Good-natured, sweet, pacifist.


~Any kind of meat (Yeah, an ecologist AND a pacifist, but not a vegetarian. Deal with it.)





~Doing Ballet and acrobatics

~The Keronians





~Broccoli and spinach (Typical kid XD)


~Getting sick

~When Kululu stalks her (So, like, all the time)


She has been a genius since before she was born. When she was two, she gave her twin wings. When they were five, she super-heated the cells in Sophie's body, allowing her to "Flare" or "Light Up" in fire, and when she is not aflame, her wings and fire are tucked away safely inside her body. Rebecca also managed to tweak her own neural cells at that age, which was when she became a telepath and a technopath. That same year, her parents were murdered and Sophie and Rebecca were taken in, trained, and raised by Higher Flight. Although she was a pacifist, she became a master marksman and assassin, training alongside her sister and Julia. When she completed her training she was