Wordplay name  ???
Aliases  ???
Age 26
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth May 15th
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Renono (レノノ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. She is a Sergeant Major (曹長, Sōchō)


Renono is an emotionless cyborg. She looks like she doesn't care about anything when she really does. She's willing to let herself die to protect those she loves. Before Renono became a cyborg, she was a cheerful person who loved and cherished every day of her life.


Renono's body is a pale yellow and her hat is gray. She wears gloves and boots which are also gray. Due to the lack of technology when Renono's body was made, she has several metal half-rings that float around her body. These rings keep her functional and sustain her. Take for example, the ring around her left arm was used to attack and enemy and she couldn't find it afterwords, that arm would not be able to move.


Renono's parents were loving and good, but as many say, the good die first. They died when a drunk truck driver rammed into them while walking to school. Renono, at this time, was 16 years old, her sister was only 10. Renono dropped out of school and found a job at a oil processing center. She worked there for 5 years until the accident happened. Her little sister Saruru(another oc of mine) wanted to learn more about Renono's work and tagged along. Unfortunately, a rival company was planing on destroying their competition. Two of the company's employees set a bomb on one of the tanks and Saruru had just wandered in. Renono and mere seconds to get Saruru out of there. She managed to push her sister away from the blast, but suffered dearly. It was hours later before anyone found either of them. Saruru has lost her eye, but was holding up just fine. Renono on the other hand was completely paralyzed. A scientist offered to give her the cybernetic body, and Renono, not wishing for her sister to have to work so much, agreed to the offer and a couple months later, she came out as a cyborg.

Before the accident, Renono was a brighter yellow. Her hat was still gray, but had wolf ears on it. Instead of a tadpole tail, she had a wolf's tail. Renono wore a purple scarf, as well.


Renono's rings can be used a weapons. they can morph into throwing knives, even though it's dangerous. She doesn't tire out.


-Paruru: good friends

-Saruru: sisters

-Erere: friends for a long time

-Eriri (Erere's twin): best friends

-Virere (Paruru's younger brother): Hates A LOT

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