"You think I'm short? Buzz off idiot, it's a glandular problem"
Wordplay name R66
Aliases Riro, Sir, Sama-sama, 'The red prince'
Age unknown
Gender Male
Species / Type keronian
Date of birth unknown
Occupation Keron Army solider
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Riroro (リロロ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is a General (陸軍大将, Rikugun Taishō) of the Riroro Corps.


He will never truly grow up, but he has the mentality of a pervy thirty or forty year old man, and the skills of an ancient master. He quickly rose up in rank in the military, but takes his job a bit too seriously. He has many enemies.


He has mad assassination skills, a commanding presence, and a strong personality. He has no physical flaws to speak of, but he has terrible allergies to soy and nuts, that could kill him if he is exposed to enough of it.


Riroro was small from birth, but his uncharacteristically deep voice and piercing eyes allowed him to gain respect from those he met. It is unknown what his true age and birthday are, but he is cursed (by his wiccan mother) to be young forever. He was promoted to a general when he elected himself as leader of the original two Riroro Platoons. These soon grew in fame and size because of their leader, and the platoons were promoted to be one large Core, the Riroro Corps, also known as the Keron-Pekopon Headquarters. Even the Keroro and Garuru platoons are under Riroro's control part of the time. Unfortunately, he's a Jerk, a player, a womanizer, and just a person you'd want to avoid.


Scythe: the blade on his hat can detach and expand into a scythe. It's quite deadly, and glows in the dark, as do so many of the Riroro corps' weapons.

Kleets: the studs on his gloves (and on the bottom of his boots) can extend into large spikes, perfect for gouging out organs of triators and convicts.

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