Aww, guys, I was just kidding...
Wordplay name RI3
Aliases Riwa, Ri, Mari, Four-fingers
Age 11
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth 20th March
Occupation School Student
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Riwawa (リワワ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a student.


At first glance, she may seem like a normal female Keronian, but up close, you can see something different: She has four fingers on each hand. School isn't paradise for her, as people keep making of of her for her disability. This turned her into a tomboy who is hard to gain the trust of, but once you get to know her. She is really nice, and loves to make jokes, whether it's offending or not. She spends most of her weekends in the school's abandoned basement with Robebe, Ameme and Jowewe.


She is a light lime green keronian tadpole. She has a dark blueish-purple hat with the top of the flaps have two strands sticking out. She has light brown hair showing from the top of her hat, and a band-aid on her nose bridge. She wears a necklace she received from her internet boyfriend Juyoyo, which is the same color as her hat. On her hand she wears a glass ring Juyoyo gave her and a bracelet that Robebe gave her with the same color as her ring.


Not much to say since she is 11.


Her family tradition is to travel with their loved one before setting down to their hometown and start a family. She wished to continue that tradition ever since she was little. So she spent most of her childhood watching movies about the world.


Robebe - She thinks he is a fun guy, but needs to be less shy.

Ameme - She is prone to get in verbal fights with her, but she thinks of her as a good friend.

Jowewe - A good friend, mostly uses her a bait for her plans.

Pinono - They were sworn enemies ever since they met. To sum it up, she hates him more than Ameme does.

Juyoyo - Her internet boyfriend. She loves him and wishes to meet him someday.


She is pretty good at sports
She is a quick thinker
She knows a lot of stuff about the world
She is good at dodging attacks


Her four finger make her unable to play most instruments
She is allergic to some felines
She is bad at fighting
She can't stand being lonely


She finally meets Juyoyo. To keep going her family tradition, they traveled around Keron. After 3 years they came back to where Riwawa lived, and started a family. She stays home to take care of her daughter Ryokoko.


Girls: Ryokoko
Boys: N/A

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