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Wordplay name R59
Aliases Robe, Girlie, Purple tongue, Orange, Carrot
Age 11
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth  ????
Occupation School Student
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Robebe (ロベベ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a student.


He is a shy boy. He is quiet and doesn't speak unless he wants to ask a question of forced to. Whenever he wants to talk, he just ends up interrupting the person. When he is in trouble, he doesn't know what to say, and Riwawa or Ameme have to do it for him, by making up lies. He is the second and the one that gave Riwawa the spak of idea to create the "Oddballs"


He caught a case of Scarlatina when he was young and broke his leg once in ski, making him physicaly weak. But other than that, he is healthy.


He is a dark yellow keronian tadpole with cream markings instead of white. He has an orange hat with a tuff of red hair sticking out. He has no flaps, instead the continuation of his red hair is shown. He has dark green eyes, held in somewhat slanted eyes. He has an unusual mouth, witch the the insides are purple. His symbol is a Fa Key.


No much to say since he is 11.


When he was still developping, his mother accidentaly swallowed a toxic substance ( more specifically, glue ). That's what gave him his purple mouth. His red hair? No one knows. No one in hs family has it, so maybe his ancestors have it. When he entered school, he didn't speak a word. In 1st grade, his teacher thretened his parents to send him to an handicap school, since she thought he was mute. But then, he told her to stop, and she was shocked to see that the young boy had a purple mouth. When they returned home, they decided to move towns, since they thought the people were really mean and rude. In 2nd grade, he caught Scarlatina, in addition to his broken leg he accquired in ski. When he was cured, he was in 3rd grade. At then of 5th grade, his school was bombed. So when he had to move to another school, he met Riwawa, witch she was wary of him for some time, but finally accepted him when she saw he had also been ridiculised. Then, they created the "Oddballs".



His first friend, and, when he met her, he had a little crush on her, but faded when he met Ameme. He has slight hip pain from her always elbowing it.


His girlfriend, and loves her so much it isn't healthy. He thinks she is pretty, accessories or no accessories.


He likes her poems, and he is the one that kept the back ups that Pinono ripped up. He thinks she's kind of pretty.


When he declined his offer to join his bunch of loonies (As he calls them), he pretty much hates Robebe's guts as much as he hates Riwawa's. And that's alot. In return, Robebe doesn't like him either, and tripped him into the mud once.


  • Despite he already broke his leg once, he is pretty quick.


  • He isn't so good at sports
  • He gets sick easily
  • He cries easlily
  • He often blushes for no reasons
  • He has a hard time hearing things


When Ameme had to move to another planet fpr studies, he was really sad. But at the time, he was a kindergarten teacher, and a really good one. When she came back, they met again, married and had Ganono and Hisasa.


Girls: Hisasa

Boys: Ganono


His name comes from the name "Robert" and also the word "Robe" witch means "Dress" in french.

That's what influenced his girly ways of things.

He depends heavily on stereotypes.

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