this is what the male rose-iliain looks like

rose-ilian is a FAN BASED alien speices in the series keroro gunso ( sgt.frog )


a child-sized plant whom has the face of red leaf like petals.

usually found in rose colors ; red, pink , white and yellow.

it seems to show no eyes under its petals. its tongue is a long rose mouth like with fangs as well.

most have no thorns and hands have petal like gloves covering over their human like hands.

faces are a pale tan, and have rosie-red cheeks.


this small race of aliens live on a jungle inhabited planet called, " roset " and is consitared planet number 230.

they mainly have an unknow history , but like to play tricks on spaceships, like mermaids.

their tricksters who have gotten into a lot of fights with the keronian and viper speices, sometimes even starting wars.

main lifeEdit

they they have a life expectancy is like a humans, average of 80 years.

they are grown from eggs and takes about 2 months to hatch.

stay with mother for about 7 years, then leave to seek what ever they want.

most wanting romance, being rose like and all.  

organs and suchEdit

they breath carbon minoxide, unlike humans.

they have greenish blood, that supposedly taste like pure sugar.

fun factsEdit

  •  they eat fruit.
  • there technology is superior to pekopon ( earth )
  • the male Rose-ilain have red tongue and the females have white.
  • females have two flaps of red petals on the side of there hips, while the men have nothing.
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