You don't have to ask for permission for starting a page; you're free to make a page as long as you follow the rules here. Please look through these rules thoroughly before you edit the pages here or add your orikero here.

  1. No editing others' Orikero pages. The only exceptions are adding categories, fixing typos, fixing the page setup and/or fixing spelling errors.
  2. Do not create others' pages, upload others' pictures, add pictures to others' pages or reveal more personal information about others than their intention unless it is requested by them.
  3. No putting fake information on your Orikeros page. This is a wiki where the info is supposed to be true or unsure with evidence.
  4. No adding fake information of others' Orikeros on your characters page. If it's a lie about the character (excluding opinions), the owner is allowed to remove it. For example, If on Tsuii's page it says "Atlanta and Tsuii are best friends" while in truth, Tokoko is Atlanta's best friend, the creator is allowed to delete the statement. If you are going to add information about other's characters, at least get approval from them first.
  5. No copying others; it's rude and uncreative. Not just looks can be copied, but information too.
  6. Treat each other nicely and stay calm in arguments.
  7. If a page already has the same name as one of your Orikeros, just add your username initials or platoon initials after the page name in brackets. For example, if your username is "Atlanta-hammy" and you have an Orikero called Nazozo which is in the Niji Platoon, but you find that there is another Nazozo in this wiki, you can name your Nazozo page as "Nazozo (AH)" or "Nazozo (NP)". However, if the abbreviation is only one letter long, write the full name.
  8. It is recommended that you should have your own account on the wiki in case someone uses your IP address to troll another page, so you don't end up being banned.
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