"I fell like a monster"
Wordplay name S15
Aliases Sadi, the wolf child, wolfy
Age 15
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian/Wolf
Date of birth December 12th
Occupation None
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Sadidi (サデデ, Sadede) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso.


he has a quiet and calm character. He get mad easily especially when you step on his tail. He doesn't like company very much and has a huge urge to kill his half brother Wolfuru.


He is a young wolf like keronian with a blue cap. His cap has wolf ears attached to them. He also has a real wolf tail. Across his right eye stretches a scar he got from fighting against a nyuroro.


He spend his childhood like any other keronian tadpole. With the exception of being exiled everywhere he went. He was very lonely and forgot the meaning of friendship until Kimimi (Kururu's cousin) tough him the true meaning of it.


Hacker Kimimi: Kimimi is Sadidi's one and only friend. He would give up his live to save her's. Sadidi also has a little crush on her

Mutiti: Mutiti is a mute keronian girl and Sadidi's (future wife?) She is in rivalry with Kimimi over his love.

Wolfara: Wolfara is his kindhearted and peace loving mother. She is too protective about him and would pack him up like a package when he goes outside in the cold

Assassin Zoruru: Sadidi's dad. Sadidi admires him but he's gone through a lot of trouble lately.

Artist Panini: another girl who adores Sadidi. She mostly adores him because of his fluffy fur.

Zirara: His best buddy for ever. she taught him about the way of the wolf and how to survive in the wild.

Wolfuru: Sadidi's up to nothing good half brother. he has a huge rivalry with Sadidi and wishes he was dead. Most of their time together is about insulting and clawing the shit out of each other but their relationship has become a bit milder after Sadidi became a girl magnet


Not any known yet


Sadidi is dyslexic so when it comes to reading. you can't help but fell sorry for him

Future sadidi

Sadidi in the future


None Known

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