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Age 18
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronjin
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Sakiki (サキキ,) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. Sakiki is a Private (二等兵 Nitōhei) in the Kelala Platoon.


Sakiki is a 18 year old tadpole from Keron. She has a brother called Sakoko but Sakiki doesn't know who he is. She loves her ipod, it's her most favorite possession. She's the private of the Kelala platoon. She always acts like a child.

I pod


Her mum and dad died in a war against another planet when she was little, so Sakiki ran away when she was 5. She was raised in a orphanage with other tadpoles for 4 years.


Sakiki can turn into a human.
Her attack is Saki Flare.
2 Light orange beams hit the opponent directly.


Keroro: Sakiki and Keroro have been good friends ever since she met the Keroro Platoon. He even asked Sakiki if she wanted to join but Sakiki said no because she thought she might get in the way. They both have a love for Gunpla

Kururu: Their best friends ever

Giroro: Sakiki has never liked Giroro. She hates him because his eyes freak Sakiki out. She calls him Gocho.

Kelala: A couple of months ago Sakiki met Kelala, and agreed to join his platoon as a Private.


Sakiki has a purple hat with a green butterfly emblem. The top part of her head is yellow, the bottom is orange. Her body is orange. She wears yellow socks and gloves. Her tadpole tale is normal.

Calling Sakiki[]

Name What they call Sakiki What Sakiki calls them
Keroro Sakiki, Sakiki-Chan, Sakiki-dono, Keroro-kun
Tamama Sakiki Sonahei Tamama-kun
Giroro Brat Gocho
Kururu Sakiki-kun Curry boy,kururu
Dororo Sakiki-Dono Ninja boy,Dororo
Pururu Sakiki Pururu,Nurse
Aki Saki-chan Aki
Fuyuki Fuyuki-dono Fuyuki,
Natsumi Orange tadpole Pink hair girl
Saburo Sakiki-chan Saburo-dono
Mois Saki Blonde hair girl
Momoka (Nice Side) Sakiki-chan, Blue hair girl
Momoka (Mean Side) Sakiki
Paul Sakiki-san Paul,
Koyuki Sakiki, Saki-san Ninja Girl
Sakoko Little sister,Sakiki Big brother,Sakoko
Kelala Kelala,Sergeant Kela Sakiki,Private

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