Saroro is the leader of the Saroro Platoon, an invasion squad who rebbeled against Keron and is laying waste to the large cities. His wordplay is 366.


Saroro was best friends with an Angol, but later he was forced to kill her. He later found himself a Lance Corporal in the Keron army. His strength with a crossbow gave him the name "Lil' Killer". After that, he found a very energized platoon who all wanted his autograph. Later, he became leader of that platoon. During the first Invasion of Pekopon, his platoon and other platoons including the Garuru, Keroro, and Shurara platoons die. He was slowly driven to insanity. A group of Keronians did brain and body work, making him an indestructable machine. One of those Keronians was Kululu, the only Keroro Platoon survivor.

He joined the Gerano platoon, later rebelling and forming a large squad of soldiers to take over Keron by themselves. During a raid on Keron, he perished and went in Keron history. His body model was used to make certain military weapons.

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