Seiko 1
"geez, mortals..."
Wordplay name 529
Aliases Seiko, Sei
Age 9-11
Gender female
Species / Type Witch
Date of birth Birthday Not known
Occupation Witch
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Seiko (セイコー, Seikō) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a Witch (魔女, Majo) and is the younger cousin of Mokio.


Seiko is Mokio's younger cousin on her father side, she is a full witch. Her character can be a smart alec, a wise crack, and a bit of a know it all. She is always seen reading a book or being with her cousin Mokio. She will sometimes when over in the mortal work play tricks on the humans, she also likes to pretend to have a crush on Nami to scare her. (which Nami doesn't notice that much)


she is a pretty healthy child, but isn't good at sports.


Seiko has red hair that is dye purple at the tips of her bangs, she also has a scarf covering her mouth so you can only see her eyes. she wears blue and dark yellow winter clothing because the weather in the witch is very cold. She has green eyes like Moiko, but darker.


Not much is stated about her history, all there is that she is Mokio's cousin on her father's side.


Mokio - like her cousin, but sometimes gets annoy by her "mortal" friends.

Haru - will sometimes use her magic to screw with Haru.

Nami - either she has a crush on her or does it to mess up with Nami. (but Nami never notices it)

Cocoma - can relate to since she thinks Cocoma isn't mortal like everyone else, and likes her pet Nyroro.

Nanunu - they never really talk, so not much stated about it.

Hiroaki - they are friends and are rivals to get Nami's attention.


due to her being a witch, she can doing all types of magic. (good or bad base on if the magic did as follow)


- can cause long range magic
- can teleports
- is very smart


- is very bad at sports
- is very weak with close range attacks
- is very dumb about the human world.

Calling SeikoEdit

Name What they call Seiko What Seiko calls them
Mokio cousin, Seiko-chan cousin, Mokio-chan
Haru Mokio's cousin, annoying brat Mokio's friend, stupid mortal
Nami Seiko-san Nami-chan
Cocoma Seiko-san Coco-san
Nanunu N/A N/A
Hiroaki Seiko-chan Hiro-kun

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