Raruru is a fan made character in the Series Keroro Gunso. She is a Sgt. Major and Serves in the Tinana Platoon.
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Reference To Sgt. Major Raruru.

Wordplay name RLL
Age 24
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army
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Raruru is a Sgt. Major in the Keron Army. She is partialy a cyborg and specializes in Assassination. Her best friend is Tinana and Is also Tinana's Subordinate. Very cheerful most of the time. Other times she can be most deadly.


She is a Purple Keronian. She wears a Yellow hat with Long Rabbit ears and flaps with purple tufts at the ends. She has a cyborg left arm and left leg made of steel. It does not extend beyond her left limbs. Her eye color is blue. Her symbol is a red cat face with sharp ends. She wears these on the her belly and hat. The hair color under her hat is black but is never shown.


  • Average Immune System
  • Blood type is unknown
  • No known allergies


(will be added later)


(will be added later)


  • Stealth
  • Master of Claw Weapons and daggers


Tinana- They have been best friend since Elementary School.

Saroro- Her and Saroro are good friends and she also teaches him some assassination skills.

Tyrara- Fellow Platoon member


  • Left limbs made of steel
  • Never fails at being stealthy.
  • Is great in "lightening the mood"


  • Sometimes overconfient
  • leaves herself vulnurable on her right side.
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