The Skydonian is the Skydon inhabitant.


The Skydonian species is a cross between Keronian and Mahodonian species. The Keronian species worked a lot on their appearance, while the Mahodonian did the rest increasing the usable part of the mind to 70%, which makes them have very good learning qualities and magic usage. Since the dominant metal of their planet is the titanium, their blood has a blue/silverish color and their skin very light blue. Their skin is usually covered with feathers and usually at the sides of the head they have "flaps" like keronian caps. Their heart is on the right side and they have three lungs (one of them is behind the heart). Their bones are empty, but they compensates it thanks to titanium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and especially a good part of ossein, which makes them elastic and resistent at the same time. Their immune system has a good efficiency, as their Regenerating Factor: serious wounds heal in few days and the bones regenerates in few weeks. On the arms, they have retractable wings. They beak is partly made of cartilage, which makes it enough soft to make expressions but hard enough for the "normal" use. On the chest, hidden by the feathers, there are nipples.


Each Skydonian borns from a egg which is laid after 4 months since the insemination. After 6 months, the egg hatches. The baby is a chick with a kind of fur for the first year, then the first feathers will become to grow up after an year. From 0 to 29 years (39 for females), the Skydonian will have a keronian tadpole appearance: the white part will start from half to the face. From 30 years (40 for females), the white part will start from the half of the beak. The females begin to develop the breast around 27 years or anyway after 9 months from the laying of the first egg. The life expectation is around 120 years.


Thanks to the titanium, the Skydonian blood has a blue/silverish colour, which gives a similar color to the skin. It consists of:

  • Cyancytes [blue blood cells, for the titanium oxide]
  • Leukocytes [immune system]
  • Plasma
  • Thrombocytes [blood platelets]

It has 8 different blood groups and has an efficient immune system. There are three antibodies: H, J and K; and three antigens: anti-H, anti-J and anti-K. In the following chart, the blue ones are the rarest.

Blood group Antibodies Antigens
H J + K H
J H + K J
K J + H K
HJ K H + J
JK H J + K
HK J H + K
HJK - H + J + K
NOT H + J + K -

As you can see, the group HJK is without antibodies which makes it a universal receiver. Vice-versa, the group NOT is an universal donor.

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