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This page is outdated I made this on my old acc and Slimimi has since be renovated into Surara

Slimimi is a fan-character and a member of the Lemimi platoon.

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She is surprisingly a keronian(But her body is Slironian like). Even if she doesn't look like one.

Her rank is Private 4th class

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When Slimimi was young she was the chillest and most hyperactive as heck. Making her able to get A+ in stamina based classes. She'd get an C- in everything else though. She'd drown you in her slime body to knock you out, Were you too hurt her or her friends. Now she's more mature, but would hurt you like she did in her younger years under the same conditions.


Lemimi: Being her leader she follows her everywhere she goes. She'd try to find out what would help her Sargent. Usually trying to stop her from being retarded.

Kirara: They don't talk much but when they do, they'd fight. A lot. This would usually end up with Kirara winning however.

Popipi: Being Kirara's twin they hate each other.

Keroro: She hates him for his laziness. "Unlike you i'd be able to conquer this place!" she says to him with a pissed off Tamama in the show now. Though she'd knock some sense into the private by "Sliming" him.

Tamama: She's basically his trainer, she helps him, but he always fails. Which is why he admires her. They fight mostly because Slimimi hates Keroro. Though she feels bad for him when Karara around.

Giroro: She has a BIG crush on him. She's just too afraid to tell him, and she knows it won't work because he likes Natsumi. Which is why she hates her.(Natsumi doesn't know this by the way)Kururu is the only one who knows her crush on him.

Dororo: They never talk that much. Mostly because she finds him annoying. Leading Dororo to getting a trauma switch. So it's a lose-lose situation for the both of them.

Kururu: He knows about the crush she has on Giroro, so she tends to avoid him. So there's nothing interesting here.