Snowy ref
Wordplay name SWW
Aliases Snowy,
Age 12
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronain
Date of birth December 10th
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Snowy (スノビ, Sunobi) full name Snowowo (スノボボ, Snobobo) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She a cheerful kerojin who loves to play and discover new things and events. She also enjoys to mess around with her friends and just living for the moment. She is a Private Second Class (二等兵 Nitōhei)


Snowy never really had any future plans for her life, so she joined the army. She was first training to become a nurse, but during class she was never paying attention and she often forgot to do homework and such, so she failed. After that she tried again at something else and at last she became a second private. She joined the Sororo Platoon, but on a mission they got something went very wrong and they ended up crash landing on Earth. They survived the fall, but found themselves completely unable to contact the mother ship and thus just had to stay there.


She's full of blue colors, light blue skin, dark blue hat and blue eyes. She also wears a black and pink scarf, and has a tiny bit of blond hair pointing out from her hat. Her heart symbol on the chest and hat symbols the only thing that keeps her from not freezing to death, her heart. Since Snowy never cared about putting warm clothes on when it's cold outside, her body has eventually become cold itself to prevent feeling to much pain.


She is happy-go-lucky,cheerful, talkative etc. etc. Any happy feelings actually. She's nearly always happy, and even if she's not she still smiles and keep on joking. She's not the smartest person you can find, it's not like she's dumb, but she's not really.... smart either. One of the thing she loves most is snow, she literally lives for the stuff. She can't understand people who doesn't love/like snow and think they're all stupid. Since she loves snow that much she usually work with in in different ways, she attacks with it, she plays in it, she draw/write/speak to it etc. One of her most attacks is when she make a snow storm, but she rarely use any attacks like that, any good attacks since she's always being pretty silly and keep using the lame ones write the text of your article here!


Even though Snowy herself doesn't notice a thing since her big cheerful heart warms her up from the inside. If you remove the heart, sorrow, pain and hate would pretty much be the only things left. Also Snowy herself would turn into a wandering ice globe who would freeze everything she touched.

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