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Good Sojojo.png
Aliases Sojo
Age 22
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth June 7th
Occupation Freelance Policeman
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Sojojo (ソジョジョ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is the Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist (ハンドツーハンドコンバット専門家, Handotsū-Hando konbatto Semmōnka) of the K-FLASH Squad.


Outside of missions, Sojojo is a very nice guy. He loves to hang out with the other members of the squad. When he is provoked, however, he will be easily tempted to kick whoever is confronting him's posterior.


He appears as a red Keronian who is not fully matured. He has a purple hat that is very sharply pointed at it's ends. His symbol is a Yin-Yang symbol. When he goes on his "mission fever" his pupils shrink and turn red, and his fingers appear very sharp.


Sojojo was a good kid when he was younger. He got good grades in school and had a fair amount of friends. The only problem he had is that he thought he was very weak. He had no way to defend himself which made him a bit paranoid. This led him to take karate classes. He was a very good pupil.

After he got his black belt, he loved learning it so much he wanted to master other fighting styles. He ended up mastering Kung-Fu, Tai-chi, and Capoeira.

He always wanted to be a police officer, but he never made the final cut. He then saw an ad in a Black Market magazine. He did not use weapons for the most part, but he enjoys learning about them. There was an ad for a team of freelance policemen, and he tried out. His immense knowledge of so many different martial arts made him an easy choice for the Hand-To-Hand combat specialist.


  • Konono: Greatly respects and considers him a good friend.
  • Kraninin: Friends, but sometimes trolls him for his use of firearms rather than hand to hand fighting.
  • Keriri: His favorite sparring partner. Fighting against someone with a sword is a great challenge.
  • Taroro: Does not get along very well with him. Makes him worry for his own safety while on missions.

Mission Fever[]

On his first mission, he was very nervous. He didn't know what to expect, but when he got to the fighting segments he was filled with exitement. He had never felt a thrill like that before. Now, every time he goes on a mission, he goes into an obsessive, rather insane alter ego that the team calls "mission fever" mode.


  • Has a black belt in Karate. Has also mastered Kung-Fu, Tai-chi, and Capoeira.


  • He goes into "mission fever" when on a case, which is basically him going crazy due to overwhelming excitement.

    Sojojo on "mission fever"

  • He sometimes has uncontrollable laughter when in "mission fever" which gives away positions on stealth operations.

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