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Coporal Sororo == Name:Sororo Age:16 Gender:Female {{History:Sororo is a young female tadpole.She had been an orphan when she was two years old.she had stayed at a female adult frog's house.The lady and her children treated her badly.They abused her and acted as if she was their slave.While living with them, she found out that she developed pyrokinesis and telekinesis.The people in the family thought she was weird for having no expression and no personalities.When she was about 10 years old she ran away and was found by a military leader.She was trained in weapons,learned how to hack and build machinery,and was trained with assassins.After giving her a title at a young age(15 years old).She was assigned to join the keroro platoon, if she wins in a battle with them.While landing on pekopon,one of her engines in her spacecraft had overheated and crashed in the Hinata House.She lost an arm and was beaten up.The Keroro platoon took her inside a also build her a robotic arm and healed her wounds. They found her strange by her expression and calmness personality.She then stayed in the platoon after she battled them and won.Giroro thinks her as a weird and annoying tadpole. Keroro thinks that she is their secret weapon for invasion.Tamama doesn't like her because she is younger than him and he may have little feeling for her.Dororo acts like if she is a little sister he never had and a student on assassin skills.Kululu hides the fact that he has a crush on Sororo and will always want her to test his new inventions, but she deny it.}}


Tororo and Sororo




{{Pesonality:She is calm and has no expression she had smiled one time when she saw a beautiful flower.She may be twisted,but has a kind heart she will be mad at someone who teases her or treat her badly 'cause she will give the worst nightmare in life!!She may have something for Kululu,but that may never happen,she don't care for some people.She may have something for Tororo,but she doesn't show it.