"I'm reading this great book! You wanna borrow it when I'm done?"
Wordplay name SJJ
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth January 3rd
Occupation waitress/Cafe maid
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Sujiji (スジジ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a Waitress (ウェイトレス, U~eitoresu).


Sujiji is a smart, lazy, bookish, cheerful, nerdy, clumsy and optimistic girl. She works in a cafe that serves humans during the day and aliens at night. She has a class one pekoponian suit. She and her twin sister don't get along well, with one being an outgoing brash entertainer and the other being a quiet waitress. She doesn't like the idea of big cities or harsh lights and prefers to stay in small towns. Her dream is to move out to the country and have a big family.


she is perfectly healthy. Her blood type is O+


she is a pastel strawberry-lemonade pink. Her tail has a notch in it and her belly markings resemble a puzzle peice. There are no white marks on her face other than the whites of her eyes; her eyes are raspberry pink. She wears a fluffy coal gray hat and a black and pink maids outfit. She has a white, yellow and pink bow on the side of her hat as well as light yellow bows on her socks. Her glasses are canary yellow.


not much is known about Sujiji's history before she came to town, but she did come from a small farming town.


she had a normal childhood. She developed her obsession with bows and dresses as a young girl.


Twin Sister Pazuzu:
Sujiji's fraternal twin sister Pazuzu. She is a spotlight-loving tomboy who annoys the hell out of her nerdy sister who wishes to lead a quiet life versus Pazuzu's hectic one on the road.


none known


she is very intelligent
she is friendly and easy to get along with


she hates alcohol
she has a fear of heights
she's very clumsy
she slacks off a lot
she's useless without her glasses




  • She hates circuses and carnivals because her sister works at one
  • Her name is actually from the Japanese word "執事" Shitsuji meaning steward; butler;

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