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Man i need to edit the titles..basically to stuff like The titles BUT IT WONT LET MEEE frickin Wiki D|;

Things to discuss Edit

Dear orikero wikia users,

It has come to ..our attention that someone has been adding new categories.

Please refrain from doing so if it is just for your platoon/corps/group or anything in too little of a option for others.

Also, to the one who has been editing those pages ( you know who you are) everything you've done has been removed and rolled back. It has been counted as vandalism.


Your oh-so wonderful staff

I'm new to editting wikis, and I've tried my hardest to fix up my own page, but I can't. If anyone can fix the infobox, feel free to, you dont need to ask. The information is on the page. ( Corporal Sununu ). Thanks, CorpSunny (talk) 13:57, May 4, 2014 (UTC)

Hi,i jus wanna know What if you don't make a Phone app for the Wiki?

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