"Its not a girls name..."
Age about 24-36
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth April 5th
Occupation Keron Army soilder
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Terriri (テルリリ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. Leader of a Unknown Platoon of a Unknown Rank


Acts very serious, and can keep a straight face, or a creepy smile, whatever he is in the mood for. But, when something is triggered, he will go completely nuts, and will either poof away, or attack the nearest shrub/pekoponian/keronian.


Terriri had been bullied as a tadpole, as his name is..rather effeminate. So, he had one day, when he had grown up, snapped, and brutally hurt someone, and got sent to a mental institution. He eventually was "let out for good behavior", or so he says. He seemed to really like that..face mask thing so he "Borrowed" it from the institution. He was now an adult, and for some strange reason, unkown to himself, he missed his tadpole tail. He set out for around a year making one out of, what looks like, light metal. Though, it weighs him down while running After he had done that, he had met his 3 platoon mates. The first one he met was Ramomo and his lttile brother, Tigrere. They were both, as usual, nuts. The last one he met was Derara, which they both became best friends. After this was done, they decided to go to Pekopon to well...try to take over. Too bad their less capable then Keroro... But, after getting there, he did learn some magic, making him "Qualified" for a "platoon" leader.

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