The Faceless is a gang, borderline terrorist organization from planet Keron lead by Imimi. It is the largest crime gang on Keron with its number of members spanning over 1,000 Keronians.


Their main objective is to eventually overthrow the Keronian government. Memebers of The Faceless believe that the Keronian government makes increasingly stupid decisions that are unfair to the people of Keron. At this time, they do not believe they have enough members to take over by force, so the focus mainly on methods to get them to hand it over. These include comitting murders, armed robberies, huge riots across the planet. As well as more obscure protests such as lighting sidewalks on fire using gasoline.


There is a process you would have to follow in order to join The Faceless. You must change the symbol on your hat to a white square, and the symbol on your stomach to a black square. The symbol change for the hat uses stitching and is rather painless, but the one for the stomach is anything but. It uses a special kind of body paint that somewhat fuses to your skin to assure it's permanent. The process is very painful and cannot be undone. Due to this, the only way to leave The Faceless is through suicide or execution.


The Faceless heavily relies on the trust of the other members. The identical symbols make it difficult for the police to identify who exactly committed a certain crime. If accused of a crime by the police, the accused member must confess to the crime whether he did it or not. If they deny the crime, there will be consquences. It can range in severity from a beating to execution.


It's a new day for the faceless; Take the torches from the useless
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