Tinana is the leader

Tinana Platoon is a fan made platoon in the Keron Army and is led by 1st_Lieutenant_Tinana.
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Preview of a comic that will feature the platoon. Comic made by Oxaceann. Image by Giratina34566


  • 1st Lieutenant Tinana, Leader and Sword specialist.
  • Sgt. Major Raruru, Assasin and Subordinate
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    Reference To Sgt. Major Raruru.

  • Private 2nd Class Saroro, Ninja and Ship Navigation Specialist
  • Tech Oxaceann, Inteligence Officer, Hacker and Weapons Designer
  • Sgt. K-Chan Close Combat an Weapons Specialist

Temporary MembersEdit

  • Staff Sgt. Tyrara, Served as a heavy weapons specialist. Given leave when Tinana, Raruru and Saroro were independently selected to patrol the Solar System. Still technically a member but is not included in the comic nor their adventures on Pekopon.


Because they are fan made characters, They will and did not feature in the official Anime or Manga Keroro Gunso. But will feature in a fan made comic by Oxaceann. The Image to the right is a preveiw of this comic. It will not be presented in a format as displayed in the image. But will be shown in a traditional art style. It will mainly feature the Tinana Platoon with apperences from Canon characters in it. It will also be based on their official story. It has not been shown online to date but will in the near future.

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