Trirara by nsponge200-d3bjmz7
"i am nothing like my father now shut up"
Wordplay name TRR
Aliases Tiny Trikuku, trira, smallest tri
Age 20
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth June 23
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Trirara (トリララ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Lance Corporal (兵長, Heichō).


Trirara is a lance corporal in the keron army. He is a foot-solider on the Sniroro Platoon. Trirara is the youngest of 3. his prized possession is a pair of light and dark green boots given to him on his 8th birthday by his best friend sniroro.


other then a stress disorder witch he developed from his fathers genetics trirara is healthy. his blood type is 0+


trirara's body is dark purple.his head piece is dark blue with a semi-circle bumb on it. his symbol is a red diamond cut into 3 parts. he wears light and dark green boots.


trirara can be quite stubborn at times and can ignore his surroundings when hes deep in thought. he is quick to talk back and make smart remarks. he gets angered easily and when hes angry he would fight.


when he was a tadpole his mother gitoto was killed by a squad in the B.B.T.K.A (Betrayed By The Keron Army) witch is lead by his fathers worst enemy snaruru. after his mothers death his father trikuku turned his back to the world and left trirara's older siblings melili and triruru to take care of trirara. after trirara reached age 5 he ran away from home and got lost in a forest behind his town. there he met another child keronian his age who was out for a walk the keronian he met he later found out his name was sniroro. after a little chat sniroro convinced trirara to go home. trirara never saw sniroro again until he started school there he and sniroro became very good friends with a awkward but one-sided friendship. after he finished keron army school he was gave the rank lance corporal and he was placed on the sniroro platoon.

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