Wordplay name U96
Aliases N/A
Age 34 in Keronian Years
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth July 4
Occupation Keron Army Soldier
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Ukulu (イクロ, Ukuru) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is the Lance Corporal (兵長, Heichō) of the Falala Platoon He serves as a spy for the group.


He is very kind, timid, and shy. He prefers to be around other people, apart from his closest, most trusted friends, as little as possible.


He is a dark green keronian with silver goggles with red lenses. His eyes under the goggles are bloodshot and yellow, with red pupils. He has mud stains all over his body. He wears gecko skin gloves, a green hat, and radio headphones. His symbol is a silver bolt.


He has poor eyesight, and has PTSD. His blood type is AB.


He used to be a great and powerful soldier, and almost became a Major. Then things went wrong (see Childhood), and he was reduced to Lance Corporal, and nearly banished from Keron.


He used to be extremely popular, and have very wealthy parents. He trained every day, and was one day away from becoming a Major. The training officer there, Sakuro, absolutely hated him. One day when he was training, Sakuro grabbed him, and stomped him into the mud. Ukulu got away and tried running away, but Sakuro threw stones at him. They jabbed him in the eyes, and cut him. He escaped and told his parents about what happened. When confronted, Sakuro lied, and said Ukulu assaulted him, and nearly killed him, and that Sakuro was merely defending himself. Ukulu's parents were outraged, so they had him expelled from school, and his parents abandoned him on the streets. After 2 weeks on his own, Falala approached him, and became the only friend Ukulu had left.


He doesn't hate anybody, and he doesn't have a crush on anybody either. His two best friends are Kululu, and a Pekoponian named Mary. Sometimes Ukulu worries that Kululu may not want to stop at being friends, though.


He can use his gecko skin gloves to crawl across any surface at all, and is extremely stealthy.


He can spy on anybody for as long as he wants without being caught.


He suffers from PTSD, and often has emotional breakdowns.

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