Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Alola
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Commission Artist

I'm one of the (horrible) admins here.

There's almost no drama here so my purpose is little other than posting my own characters.

Especially since Cobalt174 is a huge help to the wikia.

Remember to look on the Keroro Wikia club on deviantART for some help though.

I might edit my own pages till I'm satisfied with their character, which as of lately I have been.

I also sometimes leave my pages unfinished due to laziness and I rather have it unfinished than possibly losing what I had done already (accidents with my computer)

By the way.... I might screw with Atlanta's unfinished pages just for entertainment. I highly suggest you don't bother removing or changing it, I'm sure when Atlanta finishes it she will.

Also, I'd be glad if you don't screw with me or my friends pages, let alone attempt to include our characters in your own when I have no or don't want relations with you.

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