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"Koyuki, friendship is our banner."
Wordplay name VD
Aliases Vitya
Age 13
Gender Male
Species / Type Human
Date of birth July 27th
Occupation Student
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This article is about "4th Time Line", a Keroro fan-history about an alternative universe, made by GralOsorio, which combines with the videogame Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, well known in Japan due to some actors.

Victor Doroshevich is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is a soviet-belarusian student, one of the friends of Koyuki Azumaya while she was in the Byelorussian SSR (2005-2007). He is the only son of Vladimir Doroshevich and Svetlana Romanchuka (belarusians, friends of Koyuki's deceased parents).

Name writing[]

His complete name is written as:

  • Belarusian: Віктар Уладзіміравіч Дарашэвіч-Раманчук (Viktar Uladzimiravich Darashevich-Ramanchuk)
  • Russian: Виктор Владимирович Дорошевич-Романчук (Viktor Vladimirovich Doroshevich-Romanchuk)
  • Japanese: ドロシェヴィチ・ロマンチュク、ヴィクトルウラジミーロヴィチ (Doroshevichi-Romanchuku, Vikutoru Urajimīrovichi)

Uladzimiravich (Vladimirovich) is his patronymic. Belarusians, as well as russians and ukrainians must have it mandatory around their respective soviet republics, it means "Son of Vladimir". Also, soviet citizens in Japan, that have a japanese derived name and/or surname, were restricted to write them in katakana until 2002.


Victor has a tendency to be very friendly with the rest. In fact, he is very popular on his school, where most women are in love with him. He also motivates to those who have difficulties in sports (likes more tennis).


No health problems detected.

Nationality: Belarusian/Soviet
Height: 5'7.3"
Weight: 156lb
Blood Type: Rh positive


Victor was born in July 27th, 1991, in Pastavy, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union. He made his primary school in the Vladimir "Ilyich" Ulyanov elementary school. He actually continues in the Boris "Pavlovich" Demidovich secondary school.


Latofat Kohistani: Childhood friend. Victor and Latofat met from 1997 in the Ulyanov school. Always when possible, both plan activies to the rest of the school, mostly about the culture of the other soviet republics.

Koyuki Azumaya: Friend. In the first day of Koyuki in the Demidovich school, it became clear that both would be great friends. Victor helps Koyuki with the learning of belarusian and soviet culture, as well as russian and belarusian languages. And most important, he always ask to his parents about Koyuki's ones.

Dororo: Friend. 4 days after the arrival of Koyuki to Pastavy, Victor visited her house, where he met Dororo for the first time. From then, they developed a good relationship, and Victor takes seriously Dororo's advices, something not done by Keroro and his platoon.


Very good at sports, even Koyuki believes that Victor can beat Natsumi.


Can speak fluently:

  • Belarusian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Also have basic knowledge of:

  • Japanese
  • Lithuanian

He is very strong. Also has a strong will.


He's afraid of certain spiders.
Sometimes acts weird, like Koyuki when she is with Natsumi.

Calling Victor[]

Name What they call Victor What Victor calls them
Vladimir Viktar / Vitya Batska/ Papa
Svetlana Viktar / Vitya Matsi / Mama
Latofat Viktor / Barodar Latofat / Tavarysh
Koyuki Koyuki / Koki / Tavarysh Viktar / Vitya / Tavarysh
Dororo Dororo / Doro Tavarysh Viktar / Vitya / Tavarysh

NOTE: |Dororo, because of being in Belarus, doesn't use japanese honorifics.