Wordplay name W48
Age 13
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth December 15
Occupation Keron Army Soldier
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Wadada (ワダダ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Corporal (伍長, Gochō) of the Hane Platoon.


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Wadada's body is Very Light Blue. Unlike other Keronians, Wadada doesn't have a symbol. He also don't have a hat like other Keronjins. He wears a Red scarf under his neck.


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500 years ago, when Keron was still not to advanced in the ocean of space a race of creatures called Gamonjins tried to invade and destroy Keron. They were not very strong to beat a single Keronjin, but they had the ability to take over a Keronjin's body, and when the Keronjin experienced hatred, the Gamonjins could control them. Eventually, Keron fought all the Gamonjins off, there are very little of them are still living on other planets. All Keronjins who had Gamonjins inside them, have turned into a egg for 500 years after the war. Wadada was one of them, so he was reborn later on.


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Shotsusu - Twin sister

Toriri, Lalaylay, Kerere, Raimomo, Mufifi, CJ, Lukiki, Nami, Dababa, Fanana, Cyntata, - Platoon Team

Kururu - Old Enemies

Satutu, Kanene - Childhood Soccer friends

Yuriri - Wadada's teacher


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Calling WadadaEdit

Name What They Call Wadada What Wadada calls them
Keroro Useless Invader Bokegaeru (Stupid Frog)
Tamama Wadada-san Tama-ko
Giroro Wadada Giroro
Kururu Wada-Ki Teki
Dororo Wadada-Dono


Pururu Wadada-Kun Doctor Pururu
Aki Wada-chan Aki-Dono
Fuyuki Wadada Hinata-Kun
Natsumi Wadada Hinata-Chan
Saburo Wadada Mutsumi-Kun
Mois Wadada-San Angol
Momoka (Right Side) Wadada-Kun Momo-Chi
Momoka (Opposite Side) Wada-ko
Paul Wadada-Dono Guard
Koyuki Wadada Koyu
Shotsusu Stupid Asshole
Yuriri Wadada Sensei
Kanene Wada-Kun Kane-Kun
Toriri Wadada, Gochou, Wadada-Kun Taichou, Toriri-chan
Lalaylay Wadada-Kun, Gochou Sochou, Lalay-chan
Kerere Wadada-kun Chui, Kerere-chan
Mufifi Wadada Kangochou, Mufifi-chan
Raimomo Wadada Lazy Heichou
Satutu Wada-Kun Satu-Chan

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