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Wordplay name Y66
Aliases Sheriff
Age Over 12000
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Private Fifth Class
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Yamama (ヤママ) is a character in an upcoming Keroro Gunsou fan series. He is a member of an unknown Keron Army platoon.



Yamama is thoughtful, warmhearted, dependable, truthful, determined, and wholeheartedly passionate about every little thing he does. He has an optimistic and carefree nature which others seem to instantaneously adore. He is surprisingly centered, balanced and all-telling in terms of coming to conclusive, logical, or emotionally charged decisions when the circumstance calls for it. He will undoubtedly do anything for his nearest and dearest companions, and he does not fear confronting or comforting them with the much-needed and utmost attention and affection they desire.

Likes and Dislikes[]

Yamama likes sweets (especially donuts and s'mores) and physical training (he has his own private training room in the Nishizawa Mansion).

Even though he is not the leader of his platoon, Yamama often feels like he should be the one to keep things under control and wants to help those in need. He always wants to keep his teammates safe from danger, and whenever he notices that something dangerous is going to happen, he alerts the rest of the platoon with a yodel.

He hates being forgotten, betrayed, framed, or lied to.


Yamama's fighting style and attacks were based on cowboys. His standard attack is the Sheriff Yamama Lasso, where he twirls a rope around and ties his opponent with it.


Nishiyama Household[]

  • Ayumi Nishiyama - Ayumi and Yamama share a sibling-like relationship. The two are shown to have pretty heated arguments from time to time, but they deeply care for each other nonetheless and no matter how bad the argument was, they always managed to reconcile with each other and work together.