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Yukiho Hinata
Aliases Little Girl Blue
Age 10
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Date of birth January 1st
Occupation Student
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Yukiho Hinata (日向雪歩 Hinata Yukiho) is one of the main protagonists in the series Keroro Gunso: The Next Generation. She is the partner of Chirara and the daughter of Fuyuki Hinata and Momoka Nishizawa.


Yukiho is an extremely intelligent girl who is the daughter of Momoka and Fuyuki. She collects and reads the most books out of anyone in the Hinata House. She keeps everything fully organized and in its proper place. Yukiho is usually seen with a book or reading one and has many types of books ranging from cookbooks to flower books to organization books. She also likes mysteries. She has tendencies to be dramatic or jealous. She has a huge crush on Ayumu Amane and will do anything she can to impress him, especially sharing her fascination with different trivial facts. In fact, she sometimes antagonizes anyone who stands in her way of showing her affection to Ayumu. She is good friends with her Keronian partner Chirara, and they often help each other and have a bond akin to siblings.

She usually goes into battle with an angelic-powered suit made by Angol Mois. Wearing it, she can keep up with her mother Momoka Nishizawa in combat.


When she was very young, Yukiho always dreamed of traveling to different places around the world, from Australia to Brazil. On Yukiho's first day of school, her fanciful entrance arranged by the Hinata Family, Momoka Nishizawa, Saburo, and Koyuki Azumaya made her distant from the other students, however, she ran into Ayumu, who quickly befriended her. Afterward, she quickly developed a crush on him.

One night, during a Christmas party held by the Hinata family, Chirara and a Magellan Tiger unleashed by enemies of the Keron Army broke into the house and crashed the party while fighting against each other. Yukiho reveals a side of herself that up until then hadn't been seen, rolling up her sleeves and jumping in to fight alongside Chirara. Soon after, she decided to take in Chirara and adopt her because then she finally would have an excuse to get close to Ayumu.


Yukiho is normally mature and very smart. She is knowledgeable about almost anything. She spends so much time with books that she always knows exactly what other need. She has a whole lot of knowledge and is very well-mannered, which can confuse her friends since they struggle to understand her in some way.

With her keen wit and knack for more than just average knowledge, Yukiho is a genius when it comes to organization, making plans, maps, and schedules. As long as it is not overly sophisticated.

She also has a surprising knowledge of trap-making and being a prankster. Mainly though, Yukiho is reserved, sweet, and soft-spoken. She tends to be thoughtful of others and is a caring friend, but in some ways, she forgets some things and may accidentally hurt someone's feelings or offend them. However, the moment she realizes she has to do something, she will attempt to fix it in her own way.

Possibly because of her vast knowledge and above-average intelligence, Yukiho is always not modest. Once in a while, she can act like a know-it-all and be just slightly greedy or impolite. Whenever something seems fake or unreal, she will go out of her way to prove it wrong, but only because she believes it's the best thing to do and she will quit if any proof is given to her. She also has a habit of infatuating over things and has no issue wailing whenever she's unhappy. Her bitterness has also come up several times now and then, showing that Yukiho can be a bit mean when agitated. She also has a bit of clinginess in her and can get jealous kind of easily.

Despite all this, Yukiho will stand up for what is right and not backing down from her friends. She is not losing sight of her morals and explains her opinion often. Yukiho does not stand for mistreatment and does everything in her ability to make things right. Yukiho always tries to keep her friends in line and is almost always the first to admit her mistakes. Yukiho brings her sense and level-headedness to the group and really cares for her friends. That love for her friends helps her to be humble and modest and tells her that her friends mean more than anything to her. However, Yukiho is more kid-friendly and fun and likes to read stories to the Keronians. She is mostly modest and very kind, friendly, and polite.


Yukiho has medium-length dark purple hair swept with straight bangs to the left of her face and the rest of her hair pulled back with a purple and blue knitted headband. She has dark blue eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a long-sleeved blue shirt with a dark blue heart symbol on the front and a green collar, a short pink skirt, light blue leggings with darker blue polka dots on them, and pink flats with dark pink soles.

Yukiho is four feet and seven inches tall and weighs 63 pounds.


  • Fuyuki Hinata - Yukiho's father.
  • Momoka Nishizawa - Yukiho's mother.
  • Natsumi Hinata - Yukiho's aunt
  • Michiyo Azumaya - Yukiho's best friend.
  • Chirara - Yukiho's partner.


Hinata: From 日向 (hinata) meaning "sunny place".

Yukiho: From 雪 (yuki) meaning "snow" combined with 蛍 (ho) meaning "firefly".