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Aliases ???
Age ???
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth ???
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Brigadier Yulala (ユララ) is an original character by kawaiibunny3

Yulala is an older male Keronian, Formerly known as "Yulili"


Yulala is homosexual and a crossdresser, but he appears and acts as a normal aged female Keronian. He's been involved in the army since he was young, so many of his colleagues know his secret and steer clear of him. He is a very generous commanding officer, so he's popular with the younger recruits. In his career he has been through many wars and invasions and is seen as a very eccentric veteran,

Secretly however, Yulala is planning to destroy the Keronian army from the inside. He plans this as a revenge to his superior officers and to see that what happened in his past doesn't happen to another soldier.

He's very good at manipulating words, getting information, and playing with people's emotions, so he uses these skills to his advantage.

Usually calm and well mannered, Yulala hides a very sadistic side that he makes sure no one knows about.

He's also incredibly vain and wont accept anything but the finer things in life.


Orphaned at a young age, Yulili grew up poor on the streets. As soon as he was eligible, he joined the army as it was the easiest job he could apply for. While in the army, one of his first missions was to invade the planet of Endodonti. On this planet, he fell in love with one of the inhabitants, Hirasea. However, Hirasea and the rest of his village was completely massacred at the hands of Yulili's superior officer.

After driven into a long depression caused by Hirasea's death, Yulili began to find flaws everywhere in the Keronian government and military system and planned his quest for revenge. To ensure that the "Yulili" that Hirasea knew remained pure, he changed his identity into "Yulala", a persona who could "go the distance" so to speak

Name Origin[]

Yulala is a horrible misspelling and mispronunciation of the common french exclamation "Oo-lala"

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