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Innocent Sweet Yururu by Cute Eve.jpg
"Sweet, innocent Yururu"
Wordplay name Y66
Aliases Yuru, Yururu.
Age 12 ½
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth November 18th
Occupation N/A
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Yururu (ユルル) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso


He loves to explore and make new friends, his favorite thing to do is admire his beloved Lilala (from afar or up close) and to be with his friends, he is a super genius (his I.Q. rated on Keron to be as high as Kururu's) but tends to hide it in embarassment, he is an extremely shy Keronian and hides when hes embarassed/scared/Lilala catches him looking at her.


He was born and raised on planet Keron, when he heard about Pekopen (Earth) he was overly curious to visit the planet, so when the Keroro Platoon departed for Pekopen he stowed away on their ship, once on Pekopen he explored, there he found the dangers and safety's of the world, because it was a wonderland to him and it was so beautiful he wanted to stay and explore, he quickly made good friends with a variety of people/aliens and fell for another Keronian named Lilala, he wishes to live on Pekopen permanently, for he loves Pekopen's weather and natural beauty.


his symbol is a checkmark and that represents he always knows whats best and what is right, he is a tadpole Keronian whom is a slightly dark Neon Fushia in color, his check is purple on the belly but Green on his hat, his hat is a purple that matches his check mark, and his eyes are light blue (darker shade of it for the pupils)


Lilala: Yururu loves Lilala with a burning passion, theres nothing he loves more then making her smile, bringing her flowers, and playing at the park with her, Yururu also tends to be protective over her as well.

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