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Yuuki Hong
Wordplay name S.O.S
Aliases Snowflake
Age 14
Gender Male
Species / Type Pekoponian
Date of birth March 12
Occupation Student
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Yuuki Hong (雪洪) is a main character in the Keroro Gunsou fanseries Gekoko Gunsou (Sgt. Chameleon). He is the partner to Gekoko and the older brother of Asako Hong.


Yuuki is generally a shy, quiet, and relaxed person. He is very introverted, and would much rather be alone than around people. He likes to have one or two close friends instead of a big group of friends, and it can be hard for him to talk to new people. However, despite being shy and socially awkward most of the time, he becomes a strong, self-assured, and reserved person when he's helping out Gekoko and his troop. He has a precise, hard-working, and reliable/loyal nature, making him a very organized person. He uses hardship as motivation to propel himself towards his goals. Being highly ambitious, he uses obstacles and doubters to fuel his dreams. He is extremely self-motivated, resourceful, and determined. He looks ahead to the life he dreams of and knows that any struggles he may face will only make him stronger.

Yuuki has a close bond with Gekoko that exceeds distance. Sometimes, appealing to their friendship is enough to stop Gekoko's invasion plans... although that does always work, Gekoko will drop everything else and go to the rescue if Yuuki is actually in danger.

Appearance and Characteristics[]

Yuuki is quite average in height and slender in build. He is five feet and three inches tall and weighs 97 pounds. He has platinum blonde hair with pointed bangs and a small ahoge sticking out on top and blue eyes.



After first discovering Gekoko, Yuuki takes an immediate interest in him, especially when he learned how Gekoko could change color to blend in with his environments. Although Yuuki was initially shocked to meet a real alien, a real friendship soon was born between them. Yuuki finds Gekoko friendly and fun, referencing that he's just happy hanging out with him, alongside curiosity about many of his lizard-like oddities. Meanwhile, Gekoko is grateful for meeting Yuuki after his initial success infiltration and sometimes is interested in Yuuki's knowledge about the world's secrets. Both also share similar hobbies. Despite his sister's wariness with Gekoko, Yuuki affectionately calls him 'Geko-kun' and helps him from the plaza to participate in his world domination plans when they're seemingly peaceful. Their strong brotherly relationship helps overcome many obstacles.

Tokiko Sokudo[]

Tokiko has always had a crush on Yuuki, although her plans to impress him only work with minimum success. Still, she works hard along with support from the Gekoko platoon (mostly because of her close relationship with Tagogo and Gekoko's interest in Toukotsu's incredible wealth) to draw Yuuki closer to her. Yuuki only seems to think of Toukotsu as a good friend but seems to also have an interest in her. He eventually realizes his feelings for her and they become a couple at the end of the series.

Yukina Shirayuki[]

Yuuki's first meeting with Yukina was anything but welcoming. He was amazed at Yukina's ability to create things out of ice, such as the time she turned a flower into a frozen blue rose, and she also kidnapped Yuuki because of his 'special interactions with snow creatures', which are his strong friendships with the Gekoko Platoon. Eventually, before Yuuki had a chance to distract the guards holding him captive, he was rescued by the Gekoko Platoon. Despite their unpleasant first meeting, Yuuki forgives Yukina and wished to become her friend.

Tsuki Hong[]

Tsuki is Yuuki's mother. Yuuki got most of his looks from his mother. Yuuki loves his mother and does like to forgive her.


Yuuki calls himself "uchi" (うち, I).

Calling Yuuki[]

What they call Yuuki[]

  • Gekoko: "Mr. Yuuki" (雪殿).
  • Tagogo: "Master" (マスター).
  • Tigege: "Master Yuuki" (雪さん)
  • Maruru: "Milord Yuuki" (雪様)
  • Marina: "Snowy" (お雪ちゃん)
  • Asako: "Brother" (お兄さん)
  • Tsuki: "Yuuki"
  • Tokako: "Darling"
  • Sasuke: "Yuu-san"
  • Gio: "Yuu-kun"

What Fuyuki calls them[]

  • "Geko-kun" (ゲコくん) (To Gekoko)
  • "Curly" (くるくる) (To Tagogo)
  • "Tiger" (タイガー) (To Tigege)
  • "Swirly" (くるくるちゃん) (To Maruru)
  • "Fishy" (魚のような) (To Marina)
  • "Asa-san" (朝さん) (To Asako Hong)
  • "Mother" (お母ちゃん) (To Tsuki Hong)
  • "Toki-chan" (To Tokiko Sokudo)
  • "Mrs. Gio" (ジオさん) (To Gio Kazemori)


  • He was voiced by Yūko Mita in Japanese and Shaun Prendergast in English.
  • His favorite color is white.
  • His favorite food is donuts.


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