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Zepara (ゼパラ) is a fan-made plush Keronian for the Keroro Gunso series.

Wordplay name N/A
Aliases Zeppy
Age N/A
Gender Supposedly female
Species / Type Plush Keronian
Date of birth N/A
Occupation Lone plush looking to wreak havoc. Used to "work" for the Shurara Corps.
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Zepara is a tadpole plush made of black, grey, and purple fabrics. She sports a bell that hangs from a stem on her hat. Additionally, her eyes are two buttons, one black and the other lavender.

Her hat is almost sentient, as the 'arms' that dangle from the sides of her head aid her in simplistic tasks and sometimes even serve a purpose in combat. Despite their soft demeanor, they can pose a danger given the right circumstances.

She does not have a stomach symbol, instead having stitches in place of it. Zepara's body also appears more plump than other Keronian bodies, being that she is stuffed and is not organic in any way.


Zepara is very crude when it comes to her attitude. She refuses to obey others most of the time and is not afraid to rebel. She can, however, be 'tamed' with patience, but even then she does not comply very well with others. Although she does not get along well with others, she is otherwise harmless and just likes to tease others to the point of irritation.


Zepara prefers to be alone, but will be with other plushies given the opportunity.


Zepara was a plush created by the Shurara Corps to aid in combat, thinking that because plushes are not organic beings, they would suffer significantly less from injuries in battle. Her nasty and disobedient behavior, however, got her quickly booted off the team. Zepara, now completely independent, took this as an opportunity to do as she pleases. She now travels around from planet to planet in hopes of finding a poor soul to toy with.


  • Zepara is not organic, and therefore she does not feel pain.
  • Her hat helps her in both menial tasks and combat.
  • Can get along with other plushies.


  • Because she is not organic and does not feel physical pain, Zepara is especially prone to deteriorating like dolls usually do.
  • Her inability to get along with others makes her unlikable by most.
  • Although she can't feel physical pain, she can feel emotional pain and can be used against her.


  • Zepara's name doesn't seem to have a significant meaning and was just something her creator thought of quickly.
    • Additionally, Zepara's name was originally 'Zerara'. The cause for change is unknown even to her creator.
  • Zepara was created in 2014, along with other orikeros the creator made up.
  • Zepara's design actually changed, as the creator thought the original design's colors and build were 'ugly'.

    Zepara's 2014 design