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Wordplay name Z11
Aliases Zezo, Slacker, Perv, Sir
Age 53
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth January 12th
Occupation Keron Army Soilder
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Zezozo (ゼゾゾ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Wing Commander (少佐,Shōusa), use to be apart of an unknown platoon with 3 other keronians but never show, and works with Maququ.


Zezozo works at the army, he is a complete slacker (but seems to get away with it). Likes to goof off a lot with most of the female Wing Commanders just so he screws with there heads during there job, no one knows this reason or he is just telling them to cool it. He is mostly around with the Keroro Platoon's Family like Maququ is for an example.


he needs his glasses to read from far away, other then that he is pretty healthy.


Zezozo is a gray Keronian with light blue visor, similar to Garuru's but more rounder. He also has a hat similar to Zoruru in some way, but had 2 stripes with different colors. he had clothes similar to Nanunu's but the pants and jeans around more baggy. he has 2 gray horns on top of his head, and his symbol is a shield of some sort.


Not much is stated in his past, all it is a mystery,


Keroro's Dad - Zezozo and Keroro's dad use to fight over the affection of Keroro's mom but got over it after a while.

Keroro's Mom - use to have a crush on her when he first came, but gave up after he heard that she is married.

Giroro's Dad - they treat each other like soldiers, so there isn't much stated.

Dororo's Mom - treated very nicely and will sometimes play with her children.

Maququ - they both go to cafe to talk to each other, but some people thought they were married.

Army - mostly treats everyone like an equal, but sometimes he will mess with the wing commanders mostly the female ones, either he does it for a laugh or is trying to tell them to chill.


He is very well train in any type of flying machine, and knows how to work it.


- he work a plane well
- knows how to take control in very bad situations
- knows how to deal with "the ladies"


- has very poor eye site
- has very messy writing
- is a horrible cook

Calling Zezozo[]

Name What they call Zezozo What Zezozo calls them
Keroro's Dad Zezo-Dono sir
Keroro's Mom Zezo-Kun madam
Giroro's Dad Zezo-Dono sir
Dororo's Mom Zezo-Dono madam
Maququ Zezo-San Maqu-San
Army Soldiers Slacker, Perv, sir

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