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Dad were's mommy
Wordplay name Z67
Aliases Zira, the white wolf, okamie Amaterasu
Age 6
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian/Wolf Goddess
Date of birth December 6th
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Zirara (ズィララ), is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso.


Zirara is a very shy keronian girl. She dose not have a lot of friends and the military is scared of her powers. She is very calm and quiet. She doesn't talk very much and when she is speaking all she would say is "yeah", "no", "yes", "maybe", "mhm" and "of course not".


None known


Zirara has a yellow cap and a blue scarf. Her body color is a light neon blue. Her hands and feet have a navy purple color. Her symbol is a red paranormal eye.


Zirara was born to Dadede and Zerere after a kissing accident. Her genetic structure developed faster then any other keronian newborn and she knew how to talk from the moment she was born. Also because of her wolf demon grandfather she could transform into a wolf.Because of that she was picked on and laughed at. She basically grew up knowing the word loneliness all to good.


Paranormal mummy Zerere: Dad

Assassin Dadede: Mom

Sadidi: secret crush

Sinandi Pariri: teacher


Wolf transformation:
She can transform into a white wolf with red signs on her body


Zirara's wolf version


None Known


None Known

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